Pregnant women advised to indulge in some moderate exercises

Pregnant women advised to indulge in some moderate exercises

Pregnancy is not a disease but it is a happiness that every woman wants to experience in a certain period of time. Generally, people take this happiness as a state of tension and too much of rest. But the truth is the more a pregnant woman will work and move, the more the child will be healthy and active. Not moving at all and being in a tensed state can cause a lot of harm to the mother and the child. The fact is that performing modern intensity aerobics exercises and indulging yourself in stationary cycling during the state of pregnancy may decrease the risk of having a caesarian section (C-sec) or developing diabetes, a study has shown.

It has been generally observed that most of the pregnant women are overweight or obese, which puts both mother and the child at risk in pregnancy and later life. It is not advised to pursue on dieting but eating healthy with good exercises may help the child and the mother stays active and healthy.

According to Shakila Thangaratinam who is a professor at Queen Mary University, for every 40 mothers who follow the proper and healthy diet and a moderate exercise, one less woman will end up with a caesarian section. Changes in lifestyle reduced the risk of diabetes in pregnancy by 24 per cent, which normally affects over one in 10 mothers in pregnancy and increases risks of complications in mother and the baby. Our findings are important because it is often thought that pregnant women shouldn’t exercise because it may harm the baby. But the study, published in The BMJ, shows that the babies are not affected by physical activity or dieting and that there are additional benefits including a reduction in maternal weight gain, diabetes in pregnancy, and the risk of requiring a caesarian section. For the study, the team looked at the individual participant data for 12,526 pregnant women across 36 previous trials in 16 countries, which compared the effects of dieting and physical activity.

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