Parsi New Year 2017: Nowruz is being celebrated with much excitement

Parsi New Year 2017: Nowruz is being celebrated with much excitement

Nowruz, Parsi new year 2017 is celebrated today. It is the first day of the year in sacred Iranian calendar and celebrates the first day of spring. Parsi community worldwide celebrates this day by their accustomed and auspicious food. Pateti could be seen on the eve of Nowruz, when an individual confesses to his/her sins. Pateti is celebrated in order to get prosperity, brotherhood, wealth and productivity. There are four “F’s” – Fragnance, Fire, Friendship, Food that are considered most vital in order to celebrate Pateti.

Parsi families are now considered minority in India with rich history and wealthy background like Jews in America and Pateti is an occasion to pray, meet and greet and unanimously be in the feeling of oneness. Agiary is the temple which Parsi’s visit to celebrate the new year in their traditional attire. Some Parsi’s have re-considered this whole thing and celebrate 1st of January as the new year, especially the younger generation but elders stick to Nowruz to pray for their coming year.

Food has always been a specialty of Parsi’s and they cook Fish,Mutton, Chicken and their particular desserts in a family. Western part of the Country such as Mumbai, Goa, Gujarat are where largely the Parsi’s stay, hence the real spirit of the festival could be seen there only.

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