Mysore Dasara 2017: Celebrations to take place full-fledgedly

Mysore Dasara 2017: Celebrations to take place full-fledgedly

Dussehra also known as Dasara as it is known as in Mysore is one of the auspicious occasions in India. This festival is very much awaited and is celebrated just 10 days earlier Navaratri. During this festival people fast and seek blessings from Goddess Durga. As Dussehra falls on the 30th September people are making preparations for the same and the whole state of Mysore is being decorated with flowers and lights. The day is very much significant as on this day Lord Rama defeated Ravana and killed him to rescue his wife Sita. In most of the parts of North India, preparations have already started and huge idols of Ravana are made and are set to fire on the Dussehra day which signifies the victory of good over the evil.

As the festival brings the joy of victory along, it is celebrated with sentiments and enthusiasm among the people. Mysore is most highlighted in this festival as this festival is celebrated in the most unique way. The day is also called as Vijayadashami which means victory. The day of Dussehra is celebrated in Mysore to commemorate the day when the Hindu Goddess Chamundeshwari (Durha) killed the demin Mahisasura. It is also believed that the city of Mysore got its name after the demon Mahishasura. This year the Dasara festival will be organised to celebrate Dussehra 2017 that will complete 407 years this time.



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