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Krishna Janmashtami 2017 will celebrate on date 14th August and 15 August, one of the biggest festival in India which is celebrated with joy and happiness. The celebration has already started in the corners of the world. People not only in India but all over the globe celebrate this festival with utmost love and appreciation. Also,  a lot of temples, majorly all the temples are decorated with a variety of flowers in order to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna. A lot of celebration is done in order to make the world a happy place for Lord Krishna. So the dates are August 14th and August 15th, 2017.

Since the festival, Janmashtami is edging close, so here we are bringing you the reason, why the world celebrates Janmashtami. Back more than five thousand years ago, when Lord Krishna was born in a jail of Mathura by Goddess Devki, and soon he was moved by his father, Vasudev to the land of Vrindavan. And there her whole life began and ended. Vrindavan is the place, where Lord Krishna had played with his brother Balram, the gopiyas, and not to forget, Radha. Lord Krishna had always been famous for his love interest with Goddess Radha, with whom his love was eternal.

The celebration had started but the birth of Lord Krishna was in the midnight of the eighth day of the lunar month. A five thousand and two hundred and three years ago, Lord Krishna came into this world and spread his love with the world.