Ganesh Chaturthi brings you the best Modak recipes

Ganesh Chaturthi brings you the best Modak recipes

Any festival would not be completed with Methai as token of Shagaun. So with  the onset of Ganesh Chaturthi today, the celebration and rituals which have already started.  People all over the country are celebrating the 10 days long festival with full enthusiasm and joy. But need not to forget, the sweet dish or the special recipe for the day. A very popular, Modak, which are offered to Lord Ganesha in this festival of joy and colors, Ganesha Chaturthi, here we are bringing you some recipes of Modak,  which you can make this Ganesh Chaturthi for your guests and make them go crazy after it.Starting with Ganesha’s Favourite cute dumpling, Modak.

A variety of them will be available in the market, but we know you love to cook. So here we are bringing you the few modak recipes which you can easily make at home and enjoy.

1. Coconut Saffron Modak-
Required ingredients are-  75g Castor sugar, 250g Desiccated coconut,  100g Water,  20g Desi ghee,  200g Mawa/khoya and 50g Saffron
• Start with Boiling sugar and water, until you are sure about the thread consistency and then add desiccated coconut into it.
• Soon, add Mawa to the whole mixture and let it cook until it’s dry.
• And then add Saffron to the mixture and place it in the refrigerator for n hour.
• As soon as they are firm, try to get the cone shape of Modak and serve.

2. Chocolate Modak Required ingredients are- 50g Sugar, 150g Khoya, 1g Elaichi powder and 25g Chocolate compound
• Start with grating Khoya and mix it well
• Now in the grated mixture, add the grated Chocolate, elaichi powder, and  sugar
• Then divide the whole mixture in cute dampling roundels.
• Put the roundels into moulds with modak shape and let it set.
• Soon they’ll be set and ready to serve.

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