DU’s North Campus gets mixture of chicken recipes

DU’s North Campus gets mixture of chicken recipes
Written by Priyanka sarangi

It’s a lucky day for students who are non-vegetarians in Du’s North Campus as now the campus has got mixture of chicken recipes at the eateries of the campus. Over the past few years, Delhi University’s North Campus has seen the advent and disappearance of many eateries but few of them have been able to make a mark in the high-on-vibe students’ area. One eatery that is here to stay and impress the young crowd is undoubtedly Genuine Broaster Chicken (GBC), the food brand which is currently operational in 36 countries across the world. It has been brought into India by Yellow Tie Hospitality.

What stays in the area and continues to impress the young crowd is good food. Even though ambiance has a role to play, students mostly look for tasty food and reasonable prices — that is exactly what GBC has on offer. The ambiance is quite eye-catching adhering to GBC’s motto of being a go-to Amercian neighbourhood cafe. It has retained most of its character elements like baseball helmets, glass mosaic walls, funny chicken comics and hidden sack lighting. Another thing that intrigues visitors is the use of prison crockery. Yes, you read that correct. The place incorporates some really creative ideas in the crockery, ambiance and also the menu.

All the continental and Mughlai flavours are definitely tweaked to suit a variety of palettes and tastes. Thus, it doesn’t remain just another fried chicken restaurant. It has a rather exciting menu that includes dishes like lamb rogan josh burger, palak paneer burger, ghotala khichdi, gulkand muffin, chocolate samosa with mango ice-cream, chulbul and bulbul soda, palang tod and many more lip smacking dishes. Led by Chef Pradeep Gupta, the place boasts of special oils and their trademark — pressure fryer which they call ‘broaster’. “The proprietary marinades, seasonings, coatings and specially blended cooking oils bring out a taste that’s unforgettably delicious and authentically Genuine Broaster Chicken,” Gupta told IANS.

He said, “our fried dishes use 50 per cent less oil than other places and the secret is our special pressure fryer.” So here’s what’s cooking: I started my meal with the all time favourite comfort food — fried chicken. GBC’s menu has a whole lot of variety of fried chicken soaked in the sauce you choose according to taste. The one that stood apart for me was smoky hot masala and narangi sriracha. Kasundi mustard came as a surprise to me. It can be a reason for Bengali food lovers to hit the place. It didn’t impress me enough though. One thing to recommend along with the wings is Thai sweet chilly sauce. It was a brilliant combination of sweet and spicy. Gupta mentioned firangi palak chicken dip as one of his favourite preparations. The dip was basically a blend of chicken chunks, spinach, and mayo covered with cheese on the top. It was served with hot pita bread.

I was a little hesitant to try it initially as it wasn’t that appealing visually but the taste was nice. Next up was ghotala khichri which was more like biryani, the kind to look forward to. They served it with papad and curd and the whole combination went pretty great. I also tried chicken keema and paneer butter masala and paired it up with butter paranthas. Chicken kheema was just perfect, one of the best I have tasted in the city. Paneer butter masala was quite ordinary but it had a nice Mughlai touch to it. By the time, I was done with the mains, there was hardly any room left for desserts but the chef promised that he had more appetising surprises that included gulkand muffin, chocolate samosa with mango ice cream. So, the next time when you plan to take a break from your college canteen, your hostel mess or the food for home, GBC should be your destination.

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