US H-1B work-visa resumed in all categories: Check it out here

US H-1B work-visa resumed in all categories: Check it out here

The H-1B work visa has been resumed in all categories. The five-month temporary suspension has been resumed the fast-processing of the work visa, which is popular among the Indin IT professionals. The whole purpose of the H-1B is for the US companies that allow foreign workers to employ in the specialty occupations. Which is majorly for the theoretical or technical expertise. The technical companies depend a lot on the tens of thousand employees every year when they come for work with them.

The processing of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS resumed yesterday for all the H-1B visa petitions for the subject to the fiscal year or FY 2018 cap, according to the news. The cap which is marked at 65,000. And the processing for the premium has resumed for the annual 20,000 additional petition that is different to hire the workers at the US higher education degree. It is the non-immigrant visa that allows the US companies o hire employs from the foreign companies. Ow when the petitioners requested the agency’s processing service, USCIS make sure that the process goes within 15-days processing time. A good news for the Indians and also they will a lot of advantage of this.
The processing of the H-1B visa was temporarily suspended back in April for five months, in order to handle the huge rush of new petitions. Also, the resume of the premium processing of H-1B via petition subjects to FY 2018 cap, USCIS had previously resumed the premium processing H-1B petition on behalf of physicians under the Conrad waiver program.

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