Samsung will resell Galaxy Note 7, the ‘exploding phones’, in South Korea

Samsung will resell Galaxy Note 7, the ‘exploding phones’, in South Korea

The troubled smart ‘exploding’ phone of Samsung which the company had to recall due to catching fires is coming back to the South Korean market. The company is refurbishing the phone and all set to resell it in South Korea as Galaxy Note Fan Edition from July 7 at two third of the original price. These phone have the batteries of lower capacity than the batteries of original ‘Galaxy Note 7,’ and according to Samsung it has passed new safety measures which were created after recalling the previous one.

Original Note 7 was the biggest black spot on the Samsung’s image and it had to recall about 205 million handsets in October last year, only after 2 months of its launch, which hugely damaged the reputation of the company worldwide and cost Samsung over $5 billion in operating profit. The new device will be made from unsealed Note 7 handsets which were recalled as well as unused parts Samsung has in stock. The company said in a statement that 400,000 will be offered at 699,600 South Korean Won ($611) which is around 30% cheaper than the asking price of original galaxy note 7.

The firm said it will decide whether to sell the refurbished Note 7s in other markets at a later date. It has said it does not plan to offer the device in the United States or India.

Samsung said that Galaxy Note Fan Edition is a effort to minimise the electric waste after environmentalists pressured Samsung to reuse the electronic parts of Galaxy Note 7 to reduce the amount of waste

In October itself, the original Samsung Note 7 was banned by the Aviation authorities globally following that flaws in design and production of batteries supplied by two battery makers was found to be reason of the explosions in the investigation done by the company itself.

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