Ram Rahim has refused to eat solids in prison, wept in the prison courtyard

Ram Rahim has refused to eat solids in prison, wept in the prison courtyard

Ram Rahim has been sentenced to 20 years in jail for 2 rape cases. Each case comprises of 10 years prison time. Ram Rahim has not eaten solid food in the jail and only thrived on milk and water. Ram Rahim will be kept in a different and personalized cell for security reasons always guarded by 2-4 officers. He is prisoner number 1997 in Sunaira jail near Rohtak, Haryana. He started his prison life on Monday when he exchanged his glittery attire for prison issued uniform. Ram Rahim is no more under trial and is a convicted prisoner now.

For his court hearing he arrived in a 200 cars motor-cade and refused to leave the court, when he was sentenced 20 years in prison. He begged for mercy and also gave medical reasons like bad back to avoid the sentence but judiciary has already spoken. Dera protestors kept calm after the sentencing, still police and para-military forces were standing outside Sunaira jail. Ram Rahim sat on the prison side court and was seen saying he is innocent and should be let go.

38 killed and more than 250 injured in the violent protest by Dera supporters. Article 144 was implemented in Haryana and parts of Punjab, Delhi was also a part of heavy protests. Dera protestors have now kept quiet after the sentencing of Ram Rahim. Police and Jurisdiction are not expecting any more nuisance but matter is still hot for a couple of days.

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