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Rahul Gandhi criticises PM Modi over China Doklam road construction

Rahul Gandhi criticises PM Modi over China Doklam road construction
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Rahul Gandhi Congress Vice President attacks PM Modi over the issue of China Doklam road building. As per the media reports China country is resuming road construction near the Doklam area along with the Sikkim sector. On Friday Vice presidnt of the Congres party asked for the explanation. He overflowed on twitter withs series of tweets targetting the prime minister of India where he wrote: “Modiji, once you’re done thumping your chest, could you please explain this?”

The Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also posted it in Hindi. The statement of Rahul Gandhi marked after the several media organisations reported that the Chinese Army start constructing the road about 10 km away from the point of the Doklam standoff. However, this is not the official information. As not any official has confirmed about the construction at Doklam standoff.

Indian and Chinese troops were in a standoff situation on Doklam region from mid-June onwards. Over two months after China People’s Liberation Army entered the area ostensibly to build a road near Doklam plateau. However Indian Army crossed the border of Sikkim to stop the construction work. And later this problem ended after the Modi’s visit to China in September for the BRICS summit.

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