Mumbai Elphinstone station foot over bridge stampede injures 20 and atleast 15 dead

Mumbai Elphinstone station foot over bridge stampede injures 20 and atleast 15 dead

In a shocking incident, atleast 15 people have lost their lives with nearly 20 commuters seriously injured in a stampede on Friday morning, that took place at a foot over bridge at Mumbai’s Elphinstone railway station near Lower Parel. The foot over bridge connects the railway stations at Elphinstone Road and the suburbs of Parel. According to eye-witnesses, the rush and stampede occurred as a result of the sudden heavy rains, that led to people run for cover under the narrow bridge. The panic stricken commuters also feared a possible short circuit, which made them all the more hysterical. The incident took place at approximately 10.45 AM at a ticket window that is located between the two stations of Lower Parel and Elphinstone. The area is said to be highly crowded, especially during the peak rush hours, as a result of numerous offices being located in the Lower Parel area.

The eye-witnesses also stated that multiple trains arrive at the same time, which resulted in rushing crowds and slipping passengers due to heavy rains.The visuals on TV news channels showed dozens of commuters lying on the bridge, with some of them not showing any signs of movement, while the others were being rescued and revived with the help of water and first-aid. The safe passengers helped in carrying the injured off the bridge. Heavy rains lashed across Mumbai city at around 9AM, with various news reports of traffic jams, water- logged roads and power failure coming in.

The Bombay Municipal Corporation (BMC) who has been under fire every monsoon, sent its teams and fire tenders to the spot for rescue operations. The city had earlier come to a standstill this monsoon, first on August 29 and then again on September 19 this year, due to incessant rains. While inquiries are being made to arrive at the exact reasons for this disastrous mishap, the injured have been rushed to the nearest hospitals, according to police sources.

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