Jio Diwali Recharge Cashback Offer is a latest unmissable scheme

Jio Diwali Recharge Cashback Offer is a latest unmissable scheme

Jio has now offered a latest scheme that the customers would be hard pressed to deny, as it been officially  released that the customers will be getting a 100% cashback if they recharge it at 399 Rs rate from 12 to 18 October and those who already subscribe to the pack can use the scheme in the next cycle. Only Jio Prime members woud be able to access the offer. The scheme has been offered because Jio is facing a breakneck competition from its competitors and this new scheme should be used to attract more people to subscribe to the scheme and it’s a very clever way to promote itself and get more users interested in paying 399 Rs.

Companies usually try to attract new costumers by opening up schemes and making discounts for the products so that the people are able to purchase them. The Jio Diwali offer would be very useful for the costumers who are willing to pay for a recharge and it’d be easily retracted to them. The Jo Diwali offer is limited , so costumers are advised to recharge their services and enjoy them before the duration is over.

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