Independence Day : India at 70

Independence Day : India at 70
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Today, Indian Independence is 70 years young and this is no time to take the chips down. India as a constitutional remedy is extremely new, some of the people in here are older than the country they are in. On 15 August 1947, India started its tryst with destiny. One of the most ancient civilizations in the world was snatched away right at the time when the world had started inventions and developments. In 18th century considering the resources and economical condition India was in, it would have bought Electricity from Edison and communication from Graham Bell but the British came and attacked Indians exactly where they lacked expertise, THINKING.

Indian population then and now can easily be described as less inclined towards understanding and agreeing with new world order of 21st century. Industrial and economic growth rate of India has been incredible considering we started by not having a country but division of money is magneted  towards the muscle and fickle minded is not being cared for. Ancient civilization can’t get over the ancient part and move towards civilization of the country. A Cow is holier than humans in a country where stands the most expensive and luxurious house of the world, there lies the problem.

To let go is always difficult India had a bad break up with British but it should not take that much time to move on. India wanted its freedom back and with that we also wanted those 200 years lost, to jump off 200 years with the world is not easy when the world was leaving its hypocrisy and ancient beliefs Indians were finding what they could not even understand, FREEDOM. India has to move on in the minds of the Indians and then we will realize that 125 crore is not just a number but a resource as well.

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