Encephalitis : 2 more children dead in Gorakhpur BRD Medical College Hospital

Encephalitis : 2 more children dead in Gorakhpur BRD Medical College Hospital
Written by Karu Cheema

BRD Medical College hospital Gorakhpur reported two more children death  due to encephalitis. From past few days more than 60 kids are reported to have died due to encephalitis. Last year September reports says that 224 kids had died in the BRD Medical College hospital and nearly 920 patients were admitted. The death cases in Gorakhpur BRD medical College is in sequence since 1978. This year, 114 encephalitis deaths have been reported till now.

Gorakhpur is the epicenter for encephalitis induced deaths in UP India. The earlier records showing that hundreds diath every year in eastern UP due to encephalitis. According to official figures, around 25,000 children have died since 1978 due to the two types of encephalitis. The figures put the toll around 50,000 as many children lost their life without reaching hospital.

The Yogi Adityanath government figure has launched a massive anti-encephalitis vaccination camp this year but have not reached with desirable result so far.

Uttar Pradesh, Gorakhpur in 1978 came under attack from the encephalitis viruses. But, the encephalitis threat couldn’t grab attention before in 2005 when 1,344 of 5,737 (official figures reported) affected children death across Uttar Pradesh.

To get the grip on this virus a vaccination programme was launched in in 2007. The drugs were imported from China. The success was achieved in many states but somehow Gorakhpur and surrounding areas continued to stay in the grip of encephalitis.

BRD Medical College hospital is the only hospital in the UP region with decent facilities to treat encephalitis and similar infectious diseases. This patients here are coming from Gonda, Basti, terai regions Nepal and eastern districts of Bihar.

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