Congress leader Chidambaram: People demands autonomy for Jammu and kashmir

Congress leader Chidambaram: People demands autonomy for Jammu and kashmir
Written by Shilpi Gupta

Former finance minister and Congress leader P Chidambaram on 28 October in a Press conference said that when most of the people of Jammu and Kashmir ask for ‘azadi’ they actually want autonomy. While speaking to the media in Rajkot on the ‘State of the Economy’, the Congress leader P Chidambaram said that “Must be considered areas to give autonomy to Jammu and Kashmir and it will remain an integral part of India but will have larger powers as promised under Article 370,”. Earlier he had said, “I want to tell the youth of Kashmir and I’ve said this time and time again, come into the mainstream, you have a right to speak in a democracy”.

Chidambaram support Congress leader Ahmad Patel as Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani demanded Ahmed Patel’s resignation as Rajya Sabha MP, alleging that a suspected ISIS member arrested recently, form the hospital which Patel used to manage. Chidambaram said that he gathered some facts about Ahmed Patel that he was a trustee of the hospital but had resigned or retired in 2015. While addition he said if a person joined as a technician and then he was linked to ISIS, how was some trustee will be responsible, who had left hospital three years ago.

He also attacks the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh controversy around the Taj Mahal and said, “It is sad, who talk about Taj Mahal in derogatory terms do not understand either history or India’s composite culture.”

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