China replies to Jaitley’s comment that India is different from 1962

China replies to Jaitley’s comment that India is different from 1962

The Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said that “China too is different and will take all necessary measures to safeguard its territorial sovereignty.” replying to Defence Minister Arun Jaitley’s remarks. He further added that “He is right in saying that India in 2017 is different from 1962, just like India, China is also different.” Earlier, Jaitley reacted to China’s advice to India to take lesson from the history and said, “If they are trying to remind us, the situation in 1962 was different and India of 2017 is different.”

He accused India of using Bhutan as an excuse and entering into their region. He also said that China has no objection to normal bilateral relations between India and Bhutan.

China is continuously getting close to the Indian border by the way of Bhutan and it feared that if China comes too close to the Sikkim border than it can cut North-East states link to the rest of India as their is only narrow 17-km way which is called “chicken neck” connects the rest of India with the North-East states.

He said the India should respect the 1890 Sino-British treaty which was endorsed by the former Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in 1890 in a letter to the Chinese cordinate Zhou Enlai and pull back the border troops immediately.

On being asked that are there any steps been taken to resolve the issue he said that China has lodged solemn representations at different levels with our side and said that the gates for diplmatic communications between both the sides are open and smooth.

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