Chennai rainfall in unusual amount expected with humid weather conditions

Chennai rainfall in unusual amount expected with humid weather conditions
Written by Abhishek Rana

Chennai could expect an unusual amount of rainfall because of changes in the weather which is happening because of a phenomena that is little reported or known in the region. And the weather experts have reported that because of the phenomena, there could be higher levels of precipitation and humidity, and people could feel uncomfortable. The phenomenon is known as MaddenJulian Oscillation (MJO), which causes abrupt changes in the weather, around the world, and is mainly an Oceanic activity. The MJO, which occurs every 30 to 60 days, is an eastward coming wave of winds, clouds, rainfall, closer to the equator, and commonly occurs across the Indian and Pacific Ocean.

Even though the phenomena is very little known, it occurs every 30-60 days, when the clouds gather over the ocean, and this is said to be the first indicator of the weather changes to come.

The experts have noted that instead of Monsoon, the rainfall will instead occur in November and December. State has also been warned to expect rainfall on Monday and Tuesday, and could intensify, and there had been a little bit of drizzle on Sunday too. Even though this isn’t much out of nowhere situation, the public is required to take precautions as they feel necessary.

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