25 years from now, Indians & Israelis will look back on this visit – PMs of India & Israel

Written by Shubham Jain

PM Narendra Modi, as he heads to Israel, has become first ever Indian Prime Minister to visit the country. Ahead of his historic visit to Israel, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a joint blog with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “Natural partnership between India and Israel has grown stronger from year to year, We are confident that 25 years from now, Indians and Israelis will look back on this visit as the first of many historical milestones that we reached together in the great friendship between our peoples.”

They further added that today the entrepreneurial drive of Indians and Israelis brings both the countries closer together. Combination of India’s and Israel’s human resources and ingenuity will provide more effective and more affordable solutions for us in diverse fields that are priorities for both our governments such as agriculture, water, health, environment, education and security. This unique blend of complementary capabilities has forged strong ties between India and Israel, particularly in the field of technology. From start-ups to space, communications to cybernetics, Israel’s technological capabilities are merging with India’s.

PM has said that both the countries are modern, vibrant democracies that draw on rich historical traditions while striving to seize promise of the future for the people.

It was being said that Modi’s visit to Israel holds a special meaning for Indian Jews in Israel “Jewish community in India was always welcomed with warmth and respect and never faced any persecution” – said the Indian Prime Minister. “The Jews of Indian origin in Israel are proud of their heritage and have left an indelible imprint on both societies.”

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