The Rally brings the passion for car racing passion alive with the Himalayan Rally

The Rally brings the passion for car racing passion alive with the Himalayan Rally

The Rally is Deepak Anand’s most anticipated movie of the time which features Arshin, Sachhin Chahhbra, Mirza and Shezali brings a very unique story of the Himalayan Rally which signifies the title of the movie. The movie has been presented by Xiphia Studios and has a very influencial tagline which reads,”We don’t drive fast, we fly on the road”  which makes the movie more interesting and a must watch too. Looking at the poster of the movie we can say that it is a mix of love, romance and thrill as it shows the silhouette effect of both the actors coming closer to each other.

The movie revolves around the story of a young man who aspires the dream to participate in the Himalayan Rally since his childhood and could go to any extend to accomplish his dream whether by cheating or victimizing people on his way to his dream. In this journey to unethically fulfill his dreams, he loses his lady love. Now his life completely turns to hell and repents his decision of fulfilling his dreams by any means.

Sachin Chhabra who is playing a read role in the movie and who is famous for his TV shows Ek Ghar Banaunga , Niyati and many more is believed to be making his debut in the Bollywood industry with this movie. The cinematographer of the movie can definitely be appreciated as the movie has been shot in beautiful places like Manali adds to scenic beauty of the movie.

The songs of the movie have been composed by Viju Shah which makes the song worth listening to. The movie is already in the theatres, so you can go and watch the movie.




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