Terminator 2: Judgement Day 3D Remake To Be Released In India On August 25

Terminator 2: Judgement Day 3D Remake To Be Released In India On August 25
Written by Aiman

The Titanic and Avatar director James Cameron is less well known for his part in the cult sci-fi and action movie Transformer, but Cameron is set to make a splash with a 3D reload of the very successful Terminator 2 : Judgement Day, which he co-wrote and directed. While screens and viewers continue to prefer 4K resolution and virtual reality over 3D, Cameron, who reinvented the 3D genre with his Avatar series, still believes that the format has plenty to offer. He has a number of Avatar sequels in the making, and in the meantime, he has spent a considerable time, energy and money on T2 3D, which is set to hit the screens in India on 25th August this year. It will be in cinemas on 25 August in the US and 29 August in the UK, for only one day. Later, the movie will be released in Blu-ray format, where it is expected to bring in some money. “T2 3D” starts well. The 3D gives a genuine depth to the skull-crunching Terminator limbs popping off the screen and the deadly Hunter-Killer tanks on the battlefield are now seen to have that grand scale as you may have imagined in your head. The 3D touch-up really takes the viewers to the battle ground, as human soldiers scurry around like mice and the famed Terminator robots tower over everyone. At a pre-release event, Cameron stressed that many of the questions that the movie raised are now more relevant than ever in a world of predator drones, deep surveillance and scientists who are inching slowly but surely towards AI.

T2 is now viewed as groundbreaking in special effects, and the technology that went into creating the feared T-1000 the shapeshifting, liquid metal Terminator played by Robert Patrick, was a wonder of special effects in its time. T2 was also a big gamble, with a budget of $100 million, and the the makers of the movie were never entirely sure it would work. Although the rest is history as the movie was a cult hit as soon as it was released, the digital remastering by the master James Cameron himself may be a huge draw for a generation of fans who grew up on the classic.




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