Sunil Grover is coming back with his own show: Super Night with Tubelight!

Sunil Grover is coming back with his own show: Super Night with Tubelight!

After dropping out from Kapil sharma’s show, Sunil Grover has come up with his own show titled Super Night With Tubelight, featuring Bollywood superstar Salman Khan on its very first episode. The show has already caught the audience eyes who fancy Sunil Grover and Salman Khan. The episode is to be aired over the weekend, the show buzz will be aired in two slots, one in the afternoon at 12 pm and other at 8pm on 18-06-2017. Salman Khan and Sohail Khan really enjoyed the show and was amazed with his gags.

Salman khan also praised for Sunil Grover as an artist. In a conversation with film critic Anupama Chopra, salman said he felt incompetent looking at Sunil’s brilliance and gave his best wishes for the show, “Super Night With Tubelight”.

Sunil Grover had decided to quit ‘The kapil Sharma show’ in march, Kapil was under the influence of drinks and had hit Sunil Grover with a shoe on a flight to India from Melbourne. Though it was not the first time that Kapil was involved in an alleged fight with his cast mates.  Soon after the incident, Sunil Grover quit the show and refused to return even after Kapil Sharma apologized to him on his Twitter account. Other than Sunil Grover, his Co-stars Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar also quit The Kapil Sharma Show at the same time.

Sunil Grover, who will feature as Dr Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi gave statement that he agreed to do the show only for Salman Khan. “I came back to Sony only for a very special person,Salman Khan”. Salman Khan and his brother Sohail came to show to specially congratulate Sunil Grover and promoted their upcoming movie Tubelight. Sunil Grover’s former co stars Sugandha Mishra ,Ali Asgar, and Sanket Bhosale, have also collaborated with him for Super Night With Tubelight. Sunil Grover have specially dedicated this show for the movie Tubelight, to shower his love and respect to Salman Khan.

The Sony Channel is playing a bigger part in this show by holding two hours long episode for Super Night with Tubelight. It shows the dedication and hard work of the team to wish Sunil Grover all the very best.  Sunil Grover shows his gratitude to Almighty and Salman khan on his twitter account.

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