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Spider Man Homecoming actress Zendaya doesn’t wish to grow old sooner

Spider Man Homecoming actress Zendaya doesn’t wish to grow old sooner

Spider Man – Homecoming actress, Zendya Coleman said she doesnt want to rush in growing old and child actors in hollywood are often in a hurry to grow up. Zendaya finds growing up in a spot light is not that easy and she would rather choose her own pace.

Zendaya Coleman, came into limelight as a Hip-Hop dancing star in “Shake It Up” TV show when she was six. Later she played a role of an spy in “K.C. undercover”. In a recorded response to IANS from barcelona, She said that she is lucky to have a great and supportive family, which takes care of her , helping her to grow up at her natural pace.

“I am in no rush to be any older than I need to be. I just live in the moment enjoying exactly where you are. It is very important,” she added. From Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Macaulay Culkin and Miley Cyrus — there is a long list of child actors who lost control, somewhere, someplace, in the spiral of fame. Some had a history of mentl breadown, some were associated with drug abuse and time at rehabilitation Some had mental breakdowns, some opted to go high on drugs followed by multiple stints at rehabs and some ended up getting on the wrong side of the law. Zendaya says she is perfectly fine with being 20.

“When I turn 21, I will be excited to be 21. When I will turn 22, I will be excited to be 22,” said the actress, who grew up in a mixed heritage, with her father being an African-American with Arkansan roots and her mother with German and Scottish ancestry.

Zendaya remains true to her identity and roots — be it for her professional calls to give voice to people of colour through her work, or in her fashion choices like going for Oscars in a white off-the-shoulder gown by Vivienne Westwood with dreadlocks, or for posting unedited images from a magazine photo shoot on Instagram after she got to know that her waist was slimmed down.

Zendaya has made her Hollywood foray with John Watts’ “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, a Sony Pictures Entertainment film which released in India last month. The film takes Peter Parker (essayed by Tom Holland) back to school and tells the tale of how he copes with his superhero life (along with the usual teenager issues) with the help of some members of the “Avengers” (Iron Man and Captain America).

The actress says what made her want to be a part of the movie was the fact that “she is kind of different version of the female character that we have seen in a superhero movie”. Zendaya plays Michelle in the film. On the basis of the last line that she says in the film: “My friends call me MJ”, many fans speculated that she will be playing the role of Mary Jane Watson in the next installment. But she says she “is not the love interest or the girlfriend or anything like that. She is like a distant friend of Peter”.

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