Sa Re Ga Ma Pa lil Champs 24 June 2017 and elimination

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa lil Champs 24 June 2017 and elimination
Written by Karu Cheema

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa lil Champs 24 June 2017 today’s episode is a chance for the fans to meet there lil champ and ask them to sing a song of their choice. Riya meet her fans who appreciate her voice, attitude and  body language. Riya’s fans asked her to sing the song “Darling Ankhon Se Ankhen Char”. She got a chart-buster performance for her song.

Shreyan Bhattacharya’s fan has become an inspiration and an adorable face. They requested him to sing Marathi song “Yad Lagla”. He scored 100% marks for his performance and Jawad Ali came to stage to complement Shreyan.

Dhroon Tickoo fans come from Punjab and ask the song “Bolo Ta Ra Ra”. He achieved 100% score and Himesh came on stage dancing. Dhroon gets jalebi and milk from his fans.

Jayas Kumar fans came on stage gifted him heart-shaped and teddy bear pillow which he gifts to Neha. Some of her fans kissed her and said they love him.

Jayas fan’s video plays and he is suffering from cancer. He requested Jayas to sing the song “Itti Si Hansi”. He got 100% marks from judges and calls Neha as Nehu.

Sonakshi Kar fans said her voice resembles Lata Mangeshkar. They requested for the song “Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na” from Sonakshi. She got a total of 99.7% from the jury.

Shanmukhapriya fans ask her to sing the song “Senorita” and they want to dance along. She scored 100% from jury.

Satyajeet Jena gets the highest votes, second position Yumina Ajin and third position went to Adnan Hussain. Least votes were scored by Ria and Dhroon. Satyajeet’s father request he wants his son to leave the show. Satyajeet left the show and sang the song Mile Ho Tum. We all will surely miss him on the show.




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