Ramaleela malayalam movie review, story, cast and crew.

Ramaleela malayalam movie review, story, cast and crew.

Ramaleela the malayalam movie which stars controversial actor Dileep, is up for release this thursday on September 28. This political thriller was initially scheduled for release on July 21, but the film’s theatrical release hit a roadblock after the arrest of actor Dileep in a sexual assault and kidnapping case of a fellow young actress. The actor was taken into police custody on July 10 and has since then remained in jail despite appealing for a bail approximately four times, which were all rejected.

Ramaleela stars Dileep along with Prayaga Martin, Renji Panicker, Raadhika Sarathkumar, Siddique, Mukesh, Vijayaraghavan and Ashokan among others. The film has been directed by first time director Arun Gopi and produced by Tomichan Mulakuppadam under the banner of Mulakuppadam Films. Writer Sachy has penned the story and screenplay for the film. The plot of the film Ramaleela follows the life of Advocate Sakhavu Ramanunni and his powerful journey into the convoluted world of politics as he rises through the ranks after being offered a seat as an MLA in Aayikkara. To survive and remain relevant, he has to play along and the film captures his struggle to not cross boundaries that he has set for himself.

The release of Ramaleela is surrounded by numerous agitations and calls for boycott of the film owing to the pending criminal proceedings against its lead actor Dileep. The makers of the film along with the actor’s ex-wife Manju Warrier have come out to appeal to the people of Kerala to not go ahead with the boycott since the film making process is a collective effort which has at stake, a lot of people’s monetary and creative efforts. They stated that the livelihood of hundreds of people depends on the successful run of such films at the box office and a boycott would be unfair to these people.

Meanwhile malayalam superstar Dileep is still considered just an ‘accused’ and he should be considered innocent until proven guilty, is what the makers of the film are trying to convey for the smooth release of their film Ramaleela. What are your thoughts?

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