Raabta movie Box office Collection : Falters with an average collection on Day 1

Raabta movie Box office Collection : Falters with an average collection on Day 1
Written by Karu Cheema

Raabta movie , starring Sushant Rajput and Krtis was speculated to have a stupendous Box Office Collection , especially on Day 1. Raabta at the Box Office only managed to garner 5.6 crore on Day 1.

Raabta is running on 1820 screens in India and 330 screens abroad , as reported by a reknowned social media trade analyst. Expectations for a decent Box Office Collection were little high for the movie. Raabta was engulfed in controversies before the release due to allegations of script being copied from Magadheera , a telugu film. Later, both filmmakers reached on a consensus , for an out of court settlement.

Raabta movie was promoted aggresively , imwhich included , Television promotion , internet and social advertisments, theater advertisments, Poster and song promotions including various promotional events.

Raabta story revolves around two souls who gets reincarnated after 100 of years , who are destined to meet and rekindle the love and unite once again. The concept might not have intrigued majority of Indian public and an actor with a mightier fan following could have done the trick for the filmmakers.


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