Qaidi Band releases today but the similarity with Lucknow Central is uncanny

Qaidi Band releases today but the similarity with Lucknow Central is uncanny

Qaidi Band is a film about under-trial criminals in Jail, who await their trials in the court of law. These criminals are given the opportunity to make a band inside the jail and their plan is to escape through that route. Oddly enough this is the exact plot structure of Farhan Akhtar’s Lucknow Central. This plot is already very bizarre or some might say unique but how come 2 very big films have the same plot with just a minor change in the treatment of the film. In Lucknow Central Farhan plays a man of small town who has a dream of becoming a singer and due to some incident he gets thrown into jail.

Inside jail he gets the opportunity to make a band and perform for the minister but he plans the escape with few other criminals. There is a slight difference between these 2 films which is that Qaidi Band looks like a fake cartoon films with typical YRF sensibilities. Lucknow Central on the other hand looks more real, earthy and fascinating because of the direction and characters. The environment of jail must be a little different and less animated than Qaidi band.

It seems as though Aadar Jain has just walked out of a Mercedes to sit in the shot portraying a low class criminal. Farhan puts some flesh and blood into the character being the extraordinary actor that he is. Ali Zafar’s brother Danyal Zafar was suppose to be launched with this film and it makes sense because he is a singer/performer. Aadar Jain has not sparked a matchstick with his performance and presence in the trailer hence the buzz around Qaidi Band which releases on 25 August, 2017 is close to nothing.

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