Parmanu is a movie which brings John Abraham ans Diana Penty in the most unique and prominent roles in the movie. The most awaited and anticipated movie of John Abraham has been directed by Abhishek Sharma and is also co-produced by the actor John Abraham himself. The movie is most awaited as it revolves around the true events of India’s second string of nuclear tests in Pokhran in 1998 when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the prime minister.

After keeping the audience awake and hooked by the posters of the movie, now the makers are again back with two new poster of the movie in which one poster is featuring the handsome hunk John Abraham and the other one consists of Diana Penty. John Abraham has been very excited for this project of his the movie showcases that how the ordinary citizens, armymen and scientists came together to overcome the weight of the arms and technology that marked on India after the first nuclear tests in 1974. The extraodibary efforts of the people helped the world to show the military power of India.

Lets take a look at the posters being revealed which is creating a buzz on the social media:

The movie will hit the theatres on 8th December, 2017.

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