Mugulu Nage Movie Review: You might end up with mixed feelings about this tale.

Mugulu Nage Movie Review: You might end up with mixed feelings about this tale.
Written by Ravleen Khera

Mugulu Nage movie review: This Kannada film which is a romantic comedy, marks the reunion of the director actor jodi of Yogaraj Bhat and Ganesh after a decade. Their last venture together in 2006 Mungaru Male turned out to be one of the highest grossers in the history of Kannada Cinema. So, no pressure here, right? Mugulu Nage stars Apoorva Arora, Nikitha Narayan and Ashika Ranganath as the female leads opposite Golden star Ganesh. The supporting star cast consists of spectacular talent in the form of Achyuth Kumar, Dharmanna Kadur, Anant Nag and Manjunath Hegde.

The plot of Mugulu Nage revolves around the life of Pulkesh, who has a hard time letting out his emotions and ends up smiling through even the most painful moments that life throws at him. He comes across three women, who he falls in love with at different points of time in his life and these three women are not alike in any aspect with each of them having distinctive dreams that drive them. They view relationships differently too and when they come in contact with Pulkesh they end up teaching him valuable lessons in love, life and heartbreaks. Do these experiences change the emotional foundation that Pulkesh has built up over all these years? Does he finally shed a tear? The film tries to answer such questions.

Pulkesh’s perspective on things in life, changes with each relationship that he gets into. The three female leads excel in their roles but Apoorva Arora takes the cake with her small town girl character. She nails her part with an impeccable dialect. The supporting cast whether it’s the short-tempered father Achyuth Kumar or his best buddy with a lisp played by Dharmanna Kadur really deserve a special mention for their performance. Ganesh is in top form too and the quirkiness in his character is brought to life in an exceptional way.

Coming to the main issue with the film. Mugulu Nage takes you through all these relationships in the lead character’s life but ends up signing off on a note that the usual path of a corporate job, marriage followed by kids will eventually lead you to a blissful life. The audience is led in the narration to expect something extraordinary to happen but is ultimately served what all regular films do in the end. You leave the cinema hall with mixed emotions. Yogaraj Bhat is known to have brought about a freshness to Kannada cinema with his storytelling. He partly succeeds with that in Mugulu Nage and its magical moments but more thought into the writing would ensure him ending up with a masterpiece in hand.

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