Lady Gaga is hospitalised shares pictures on Instagram

Lady Gaga is hospitalised shares pictures on Instagram
Written by Karu Cheema

Lady Gaga who had a show coming Friday in Brazil apologies to all her fans in Brazil for not being able to come down for the event due to her health issue. She went and posted the same on her twitter account. She has been admitted to the hospital for medical help after encountering severe physical pain.

In the series of tweets she had mentioned that she loves her fans and would do anything to be there but currently she needs to give her health more importance. She also told her fans to understand her situation currently and will surely come back once her health issues are sorted. She also told her fans with a picture of her RO tatoo that she is hospital due to severe pain and nothing like wear and tear pain.

Gaga has been open about her chronic pain in the past, and also talks about her struggle in the upcoming Netflix documentary “Gaga: Five Foot Two”. she had also cancelled an earlier concert in Montreal earlier this month because of illness due to singing in the rain in NY. She made sure the fans who had been waiting outside the hospital for her to get better were served Pizza.

Lady Gaga has shared some picture on Instagram of her in the hospital along with a message for all her fans.

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