KBC Season 9, Episode 33, 11th October 2017: Single mother Dr Sonali wins 3.2 Lacs, Yogesh Sharma on 80,000

KBC Season 9, Episode 33, 11th October 2017: Single mother Dr Sonali wins 3.2 Lacs, Yogesh Sharma on 80,000
Written by Karu Cheema

Yogesh Kumar Sharma is the second contestant on hot seat in Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC 9) episode 33, which was also Amitabh bachchan’s birthday special episode. It started with happy birthday to you greetings along with Dr Sonali Reddy as contestant in hotseat. Today Sitar maestro Niladri Kumar will feature in episode to celebrate Amitabh Bachchan’s Birthday. Big B was seen getting emotional in the shown television KBC trailer, while audience was singing ‘Happy Birthday To You’ song for him. He usually avoids big bash and is reserved during his birthday days. Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan is celebration his 75th birthday today. Mr Bachchan jokingly exclaims “Yeh sab studio walo ki badmashi hain”.

Amitabh Bachchan birthday special episode shows his Sherwood school video memoirs along with his child=hood pictures. Principal of sherwood school tells in video , it was Amitabh’s batch who made the school swimming pool by carrying rocks for it. Infirmary is shown in the video where he was admitted when he got infected by measles. Sherwood school students pays him a video tribute by singing ‘Happy Birthday to You’.

Last episode, 32th of season 9 saw Dr Vinay Goel IAS winning 12.5 Lacs and decided to quit before answering question for 25 Lacs rupees. Government Officer and Doctor faced tough flurry of questions and things were little difficult for him when he used 2 lifelines for his first 5 questions. Several bloggers and digital media articles trolled him, comparing it with 10th class Meenakshi Jain, who won 50 Lacs rupees without considering the fact that level of question thrown at him was astonishing.

Yogesh Kumar Sharma is from Gangapur, Rajasthan. He is funny and talkative and doesn’t miss a chance in flaring up a funny discussion with Mr. Amitabh. Episode also shows clips related to non cordial relation with his father and his reason for not living with him. Amitabh Bachchan intervenes and urges father son duo to remove  the discord. Birthday B seems to be successful in achieving this initiative. It was not clear but seeing precap of next episode it seems Yogesh Sharma professionally works as a office boy. Things will get clear in next episode.

Yogesh Kumar Sharma Question and Answers – KBC 9, Episode 33, 11th October 2017

Q1. Complete Buri Nazar waala …. ? A. Tera Muh Kaala

Q2.  ‘Munim’ is related to which profession? A. Accounts

Q3. Where file goes after getting deleted in Windows OS ? A. Recycle Bin

Q4. ‘Bania ka dimag and miabhai ki daring’ belongs to which film ? A. Raees

Q5. Identify sports player ? A. Ravi Shastri ( Takes audience poll and has won 10,000 rupees)

Q6. Which state capital shores Tawi river ? A. Jammu and Kashmir

Q7. Which ruler did’nt fight with each other ? A. Akbar and Sher Shah Suri (Hooter marks the end of episode 33)

After hooter rang , breath taking ellantric performance is given by Sitarist Maestro Niladri who concludes the episode by Happy Birthday play and song. He doesn’t miss this opportunity along the way and play tunes of ‘Do lafzo ki hain dil ki kahani’ song and ‘Jumma Jumma’ songs.

Last contestant Dr. Sonali Reddy continued from 5th question today. She is from Pune, Maharashtra and is a project manager in Drug Safety department. Dr. Sonali Reddy is a single mother with twins, son and daughter. She won 3,20,000 Lacs and goes home after her 6,40,000 Lac answer was wrong.

For the first time in history of KBC, television viewers have the option of playing along using Jio Chat app which is available on smartphone’s app store.

Dr. Sonali Reddy Question and Answers – KBC 9, Episode 33, 11th October 2017

Q4. Who is the actor in the song ? A. Govinda

Q5. Which pest spreads H1N1 ? A. Pig

Q6. Myanamar country idenitifes a major muslim community as ? A. Rohingya

Q7 Which dance form derives it name from sanskrit work beauty ? A. Lavni

Q8. Which celebrity has twins ? A. Karan Johar

Q9. Who fell in pool of maya in Indraprastha on whom draupadi laughed ? A. Duryodhan

Q10. Who among these has served agriculture minister in Union Govt ? A. Sharad Pawar

Q11. Nilgiri, himalyan and arabian beong to which types ? A. Tehr ( Dr Sonali opts for jodi dar lifeline and unfortunately answer was wrong)

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