Kavya Madhavan is the ‘Madam’ claims Pulsar Suni in Dileep abduction case

Kavya Madhavan is the ‘Madam’ claims Pulsar Suni in Dileep abduction case

Kavya Madhavan who is believed to be Dileep’s wife is the Madam claims Pulsar Suni who is the main accused in the sensational case of kidnapping and assaulting a Malayalam actress. The accused said that he has been discussing this for a long time as a part of the investigation. While giving an interview to a newspaper he said, “Didn’t I tell you earlier that Kavya was the madam?,” Suni asked reporters while he was being taken to Ernakulam CJM court on Wednesday.

This surprising fact came out as a shock for many people as he said that Kavya too knew him well but she completely denied knowing him. Suni has also claimed at the same time that Madam was not aware of the conspiracy to attack her as her role was only limited to giving him money and nothing else. Kavya was also questioned many a times last month with her mother but she never chose to open up.

The officer who investigated the case from the starting carried out a raid at Lakshya which is a boutique which is owned by Kavya. The raid was carried as a part of the ongoing investigation in the case. According to the reports, Suni Pulsar revealed the memory card which contained the videos and pictures of the survivor that was taken during the assault was allegedly kept in stores. The police made efforts and seized the CCTV visuals and a few documents during the raid of the store. The news also speculated that possibly Rs 2 lakh was given to Suni by Kavya Madhavan.

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