Kathalo Rajakumari Review a movie filled with love and action

Kathalo Rajakumari Review a movie filled with love and action

The Telugu action-romantic film, Kathalo Rajakumari, is finally in the theatres today i.e. 15th September 2017. The film which is neatly managed by the crew has some bright talent hidden. The film is the directorial debut of Mahesh Surapaneni, who is taking baby steps to mark his impression in the industry. The leading characters of the film are Nara Rohit and Namitha Pramod, who are seen playing some crucial role in the film via their acting skills.

The story of the film is about Rohith and Namitha who are childhood friends. How they meet and fall in love forms the rest of the story. Rohith role in the film is more of a villain than as a hero and carefree attitude is pretty evident. The story unfolds as two people coming from different backgrounds come face to face and start falling for each other. Naga Shourya creates an impact in the film with his promising character.

Kathalo Rajakumari action sequences, revolve around the gently lilting sound, the familiar, comforting interludes and the delightful melody that gets even more likable in the film perfectly handled by the lead actress and actors in the film, Nara Rohit, and Namitha Pramod. It is surely a great attempt by the actors but the story fails to keep you glued. Towards the second half the movie starts getting slow and boring. While the music of the film is very soothing. You can surely give it a miss.

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