Karsandas Pay and Use , a Gujarati movie, clocked 1.54 crore in Box Office Collections for 5 days. Considering the low budget and regional aspect . Box Office Collection figure for karsandas movie is worthy of the production and distribution cost.

Box Office Collection day wise bifurcation is as follows mentioned by a renowned reliable source on social media.

Fri 23.13 lakhs Sat 27.71 lakhs  Sun 45.17 lakhs Mon 27.59 lakhs Tue 30.41 lakhs

Karsandas Pay and Use movie is about 2 brothers who runs and administers a pay and use toilet. Tilok, the elder brother falls in love at first sight with female protagonist , Jaya. Jaya is a daughter of an autorickshaw driver and is among 6 siblings. Movie is light hearted romantic drama , which has driven most of the gujarati youngsters to theaters.


Starring Diksha Joshi as Jaya and Mayur Chauhan as Tilok , both have played a decent role .  Movie was mostly shot in various places in Ahmedabad and Vadodra. Film was released on 19th May.

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