Kaala Rajinikanth movie villain will be Nana Patekar

Kaala Rajinikanth movie villain will be Nana Patekar
Written by Shruti Bhatt

Kaala movie of Superstar Rajinikanth which will be his second project with director Pa. Ranjith after the last year blockbuster Kabaali. The movie is being produced by Rajini’s talented and handsome son-in-law Dhanush and was first introduced to the world on his Twitter handle only. The film produced by Wunderbar Films also is reported to be starring Huma Qureshi, Anjali Patil, Samuthirakani and Pankaj Tripathi.

However, someone from the unit of the film has been quoted saying that acclaimed actor Nana Patekar will be playing an important part in the movie as the main antagonist of the story. Yes, the “Nana Patekar” is all set to play the main villain in this future blockbuster project of Rajinikanth as his counterpart. It is reported that Nana shall be playing a cunning, shrewd and scheming local politician in the movie set in Mumbai who would be opposed by the awesome Rajini who will be fighting for the survival of oppressed Tamil people in Mumbai. If there is any truth in these reports, well then, Kaala is truly a movie to look out for as Nana himself has only appeared once before in a South Indian movie leave alone with Rajini himself. Also, the film shall not be dubbed and Rajini himself is supposed to speak a few lines in Hindi and Marathi in important junctures of the project.

On the other hand, the shooting for the film is going on as per schedule. Rajini completed the Mumbai schedule of the shooting and went back to Chennai to meet his fans. Some of the photos of the film set can be found below, by which fans are trying to guess how like and unlike the movie shall be from Kabaali. With all this exciting news, the film is still to hit theatres atleast a year and half from now in end 2018.

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