Jab Harry Met Sejal – First Mini Trail to Release Tomorrow

Jab Harry Met Sejal – First Mini Trail to Release Tomorrow
Written by Shruti Bhatt

Long gone are the days of trailers when you had to wait for weeks to see and judge whether or not a movie you’d been hoping to catch on the Friday of its release was going to be worth it. The Bollywood has even moved beyond the first look and teasers it devised to test the waters and excited the moviegoers enough before the release of their favourite stars’ blockbusters. Yesterday, the Baadshah of Bollywood and the King of Hearts, Shah Rukh Khan took to a stage and introduced the concept of mini trails to an audience who is already in awe with his business acumen, wits and humility. The conference was about introducing the idea of mini trails to the audience which will make all of us wait even longer for the final trailer launch, also coincided with the birthday of film’s director Imtiaz Ali.

SRK, while talking about the “mini trails” that he and Imtiaz (Jab We Met, Love AajKal Rockstar, Tamasha) have decided to introduce to the audience even before the trailer launch of the movie, said that it was being done to introduce the characters to the audiences. The teasers or mini trails as they are being called would only have dialogues between the two lead actors, serving as a build up to the songs of the film, thus trying to communicate the essence of the love story. Now, all fans listen up, the first mini trail will be released on Sunday, June 18, 2017 which is tomorrow. We are sure not many of us can wait for the Sunday to come sooner now.

SRK, during the statement, also added that the idea behind the mini trails’ was to introduce Harry and Sejal, the two protagonists of the beautiful love story. The trails are expected to serve as moments from their journey, gradually leading to the bigger story that would unfold in the theaters. SRK mentioned Imtiaz, saying he has a special way of writing and shooting his scenes. Further he added that even the most simple of scenes had an underlying emotion or a subtext within them, which will be highlighted using these ‘Mini trails’, which Imtiaz so lovingly has weaved into his tales. SRK made clear that the thought behind these trails was to draw the audience closer to Harry and Sejal.

Friday had two of these mini trails and a teaser of the first song screened for a set of select journalists in Mumbai on Friday evening. Both SRK and Imtiaz were there and the evening was closed with cake and hugs given that it was Ali’s birthday as film’s protagonist Sejal (Anushka Sharma) reminded everyone on her instagram.

The film shall hit the cinemas on August 4, 2017, with its trailer launch coming closer.

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