Instant judgment drives Zakir Khan to become a better comedian

Instant judgment drives Zakir Khan to become a better comedian
Written by Priyanka sarangi

The famous comedian Zakir Khan gets extremely influenced when people instantly judge his talent.”The fact that I can judge the quality of my work draws me to become a comedian. The instant gratification that of result and judgment drives me and pushes me to become a better comedian,” Zakir told IANS. Zakir, who has done a monologue for Star Network’s Hindi movie channel, Star Gold Select SD, is a trained sitarist, a musician and a comedian.

Zakir said: “More than a trained sitarist or a comedian, I believe I’m a hardworking artist who aims to enjoy what I make and keep my parents happy.” Talking about the monologue on TV advertisements, he said: “I am appalled at the fact that the same format (more ads than the show) still exists and viewers are so used to it at this point that they just literally plan their life around these commercial breaks.” He won a stand-up comedy competition by Comedy Central, worked with AIB (All India Bakchod), had a stand-up comedy special show “Haq Se Single” on Amazon Prime Video and has been roped in as a mentor for “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge”.

Zakir says each medium has its “own perks and drawbacks”. “To pick one is difficult because every medium has its own perks and drawbacks. The real question is how efficiently and positively you make use of all the available platforms and keep the entertainment going,” he said. At the moment, Zakir is busy working on a “fictional web-series that I’m working. Besides that, developing a new live property post ‘Haq Se Single'”.

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