Haasil to premiere tonight on Sony channel

Haasil to premiere tonight on Sony channel

Haasil, a romantic thriler starring Zayed Khan and Nikita Dutta will be premiering on Sony tonight. The story is about a successful man and his love life and seems to be an exciting return for Zayed Khan to the world of acting, even if it is on small screen. The show also marks Nikita Dutta’s return to small screen and from the promos of the show it seems that their coupling will be among the most interesting thing about the show. In the teaser trailer, the show looks very good and has a very cinematic and luscious look.

The story, in broadstrokes, is about Ranvie Raichand, played by Zayed Khan and his quest fro success and his relationship with the girl whom he meets. The serial looks very different from what the other shows have to offer and will surely be seen as a hit if people like the main couple and if the story is presented in an interesting manner to the audience.

The show has another character, Vatsal Seth, who will be playing the villain of the story and will be injecting his maniacal energy to the show and make it even more suspenseful and alluring for the audiences.

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