Gemini Ganeshanum Suruli Raajanum Movie Review: Good Time Pass For Audience

Gemini Ganeshanum Suruli Raajanum Movie Review: Good Time Pass For Audience
Written by Anchal Ahuja

Gemini Ganeshanum Suruli Raajanum movie is a story about Gemini Ganeshan (Atharvaa) who is a fun-loving and sentimental youth, who is a specialist at charming young ladies. Be that as it may, he is in no mood to get into a genuine relationship and wouldn’t like to do marriage. He was named after the legendary actor, because of his dad’s (T Siva) appreciation for the star. The father’s clarification for his Casanova-ish behaviour is that he used to portray the stories of the ‘Kadhal Mannan’ to him, which in the long run made his child a “playboy” since he misjudged the idea of romance.

The film is about how Gemini fell in love with 4 young ladies, rather how he made them fall to him. Gemini portrays the story to Suruli Raajan (Soori), a self-broadcasted wear, while he visits the home where his ex-significant other Lavanya (Regina) once remained. Gemini is there to welcome Lavanya for his marriage. With the assistance of Suruli and his help (Rajendran), they set out to discover the young ladies with whom Gemini had a great time. He lays proudly, acts guiltless and puts on a show to be a do-gooder to win over love of girls. Following Lavanya, he figures out how to awe Devi (Aaditi), Priya (Pranitha) and Pooja (Aishwarya Rajesh) too. The suspense is about which among the four girls does he need to have a genuine relationship, subsequent to understanding his ineptitude of underestimating the affection for young ladies.

Atharvaa, as a fake lover, is convincing in his part, because of his histrionics and chemistry with every performing artists. Soori exceeds expectations in a couple of scenes which are carefully fit for him and Rajendran is just alright. Regina, Pranitha and the debutant Aaditi all look lovely, and have bubbly parts to play, while Aishwarya expositions a nearly develop character. All are adept in their little parts in this story which rotates around the legend.

What does not keep us snared generally is the lazy portrayal in the first half and absence of an engaging romantic story among the different “love” stories. There is a scene in the second half where the legend’s mind voice goes, ‘I didn’t expect this twist. The incongruity is, practically everybody in the crowd effortlessly guesses the twist. However, the film has a couple of minutes in the second half, with a few entertaining scenes towards the end.

D.Imman’s songs are quite tolerable and a few them get the eyeballs for the way they have been recorded. Rerecording includes the bubble for the saint’s romantic image. Sree Saravanan’s cinematography gives the best to include the genuinely necessary color for the film.

All in All:

As the title recommends “GGSR” is the story of a Casanova. If you are sure about what’s in store from a film this way and you don’t have huge desires put it all on the line and you may have a decent time pass.

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