Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 ‘Eastwatch’ : Jon Snow, rightful heir to the ‘Iron Throne’

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 ‘Eastwatch’ : Jon Snow, rightful heir to the ‘Iron Throne’

Revelation in Game of thrones 5th Episode of Season 7 (S07E05) was mind boggling and enthralling. Jon Snow fans were smitten by the factual information presented in this episode linked to his parentage linkage, all thanks to Gilly, nerdy Sam’s wife, who was forthcoming in finding the detail which missed by her husband.

Prince Rhaegar Targaryen first marriage was annulled and he married a Stark princess, Jon Snow mother, linking him to both Stark and Targaeryn lineage. If that is the case, Jon Snow would be the rightful heir representing both clans.

Jon fearlessly touches Drogon, one of Daenerys Dragon, making him among Daenerys and Tyrion who did that feat succesfully, without loosing their life. Even Daenerys looks impressed with Jon’s brave stance. Sam seems to play quite an instrumental role in the war using his book reading ability and research, leading to Jon Snow parentage and acquiring weapon against the deadliest enemy of Game of Thrones, ‘The White Walkers’, Who can be killed only using Dragon Stones. Most possibly majority of fans would be happier to see Jon Snow become the Iron Throne King of seven Kingdoms before the season ends.

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