Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1- No Wars, No Battles

Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1- No Wars, No Battles

The bloodiest show on TV, Game of Thrones has finally come after waiting for long winters (literally and metaphorically). Season 7 can still come with lots of shock and surprises. The world seemed simpler after the game of thrones drawing close in 2017. The opening of season 7 makes the great feeling of having the Starks, the Lannisters, Dragons and White Walkers back on TV with an explosion even if the end is in sight. Winter is coming and we reminded this soon after the last season,  which brought the finale “The Winds of Winter”. And then most awaited time came, Winter was here. On 16.7.17 as marked the dates of the show. It is marked that season opening was a little slow. Of course, it is the setting stage of the chess board for many tits and dragons to come together after weeks of crashing down.

The first episode, Dragonstone, was a perfect blend of scenes after scenes. The episode stars no battles no wars. Just the large pieces of set and conspiracy with the competitive houses and armies to slug out the Iron Throne. The episodes marks, Carsie on the Iron throne after Tommen, Daenerys finally heads to Westeros, Arya got Red wedding revenge and Jon snow becomes the king in the north, where Sansa looks worried. Bran embraces the third-eye raven and Sam got the library card. This season has marked has the highest openers to any other show or series. There has been ramped tension among the fans about the penultimate season. For those who are high-end fantasy, there’s a lot more intriguing in Westeros coming for the next week.

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