Frieda Pinto joins in tiger preservation movement

Frieda Pinto joins in tiger preservation movement
Written by Priyanka sarangi

The actress who made her name with the movie Slumdog Millionaire, Frieda Pinto has now taken another step forward to make her name in some good work. The actress has now taken an initiative to promote a global awareness movement to save tigers from extinction. Saving our natural habitat has become a necessity of this time as the natural habitats are getting extincted day by day which is obviously harming our environment.

As per the reports, actress Frieda will promote Project CAT: Conserving Acres for Tigers, aimed at raising awareness to preserve the habitat of the declining numbers of the wild tiger. She has joined hands for it with Discovery Channel, which has collaborated with the Worldwide Fund for for Nature (WWF). The actress said in a statement that its very difficult to  imagine a world where future generations may never see a tiger in its natural habitat or where these glorious wild cats are reduced to just a picture under the category label of extinct animals. She also added that the discovery is soon to take place to double the world’s tiger population and she is fully into it for contribution.

The initiative is aimed at doubling the wild tiger numbers by year 2022. By conserving nearly a million acres of protected land on the border of India and Bhutan, the collaboration aims to ensure a healthy habitat for future generations of tigers. The President and CEO of Discovery Communications, David Zaslav said in a statement that they are trying their best to extinct their mission to protect the wild tigers through the collective power of formidable global media brands and the support of their influential partner network. Accordingly, the discovery will leverage its vast creative resources and unmatched global distribution platform of linear, digital and social media channels through tiger conservation content. It has also been reported that the Animal Planet Channel will host a six-hour block of tiger themed shows from Saturday and is also creating an online Tigerpedia for the people who are interested in the conservation effort.

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