A new song from Kapil Sharma’s movie Firangi has been released, named Sajna Sohne Jiha, and Kapil has dedicated it to actor Shahrukh Khan, on the eve of his birthday. The song is a melodious Panjabi ballad that charts the romantic and furtive relationship of the main characters in the movie. Ishita Dutta is the actress in the video of the song. It was written by Dr. Devendra Kafir and is performed by Jyoti Nooran. The direction of the video is incredible, beautifully shot and shows the yearning of the main characters as they circle each other but don’t interact because of the norms of their society.

The song will surely be a hit, because it is very catchy and can be listened by someone who is feeling tired or wants to be soothed by a soft torch song.

Firangi is directed by Rajiev Dhingra, and is based in pre-Independent India, where a simple minded but honest man joins the British forces because he believes they’re good people. The premise of the movie is very original, and Kapil seems to have brought all his good humor and heartfelt dialogue to the set. Firangi is scheduled to be released on 24 November 2017.

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