Death Note’s ending leaves the scope for sequels

Death Note’s ending leaves the scope for sequels

Ending of Netflix’s Death Note has left fans speculated about the characters. The entire climax of the film was defined by Light himself as he orchestrated Mia’s death and the fate of diary. Light is no longer a teenager killing people but a villain who has adapted to the new persona of Kira and he does not want to let go off it. The standoff between L and Light is not over yet though the biggest factor of unpredictability is the father of light. Power is the greatest seduction in the world and one should not be surprised if James Turner also decides to be a part of Kira. Ryuk had polluted the mind of Mia but he couldn’t of Light as he is the strongest holder of Death note.

Light has found unfathomable loopholes in the regulations of Death note. He is no longer the person who is only responsible for deaths but also the person who can control destinies. The power of Death note is uncontrollable and if one day Light decides to target U.S. president then he can lead to world war 3, which will be the end of humanity. As of yet Light’s mind is not corrupted enough to rule the world and he still plans to save it but Ryuk is corrupting minds of everyone around him.

L is the only thing standing between Light and his corrupted minded intentions. It is also safe to say that L is very close to snatch the Death Note. It will be criminal to not make a sequel of this and Netflix knows that. There still has not been any announcement about the sequel probably because Netflix is waiting for negative word of mouth to go slow.

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