Big Boss Tamil updates : Suja Varunee makes a wild card entry

Big Boss Tamil updates : Suja Varunee makes a wild card entry

the new update in big boss Tamil is that Suja Varunee makes a wild card entry. Bigg Boss Tamil, the show which is wreathed with a lot of controversy from the time it is being started has a new twist in the show these days. Not only the contestants, but the host of the show was also being concealed in controversy and was arrested too. This weekend was a fun to watch as a wild card entry took place in the show. People thought that the dramatic exit of Oviya would definitely bring her back but the opposite happened and thrashed the expectations of the audience.

Not only this, the fans too threatened on the social media that they would quit watching the show if Oviya would not be brought back into the show. After that when last sunday Kamal Haasan announced that the next few days will be full of twists and there would be new additions to the number of the housemates, fans thought that Oviya would definitely be back.

On Wednesday, a new promo video was released which showed that a wild card entry is dropped off and she breaks into a dance with a group of dancers at the garden area. Although, the audience could not see her face but with the guesses the new entrant is believed to be the actress Suja Varunee. Suja is an actress in Tamil industry and she has acted in several Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada movies. She was also seen in Arun Vijay’s boxoffice hit Kuttram 23. As per the reports, Suja was also a member of Oviya Army and her tweets were filled with audience reactions to the daily episode of the show.

Suja’s entry was at the time when no one expected it to be. Raiza at the that time was regretting ignoring Oviya along with other housemates has now engaged in ego clash with Gayathri Raghuram. Hopefully, the new entrant, which is most likely to be Suja, will make things more interesting on the show. Stay tuned with us for latest updates!!

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