Bigg Boss Tamil Week 2 voting, updates and evictions

Bigg Boss Tamil Week 2 voting, updates and evictions
Written by Priyanka sarangi

Bigg Boss Tamil which is being hosted by Kamal Haasan came as a lot of shock and drama this week.Votes have been pouring in as the voting lines have been open for this week and every week someone is evicted from the show. According to latest updates Snehan, Gayathri Raghuram and Shakthi Vasudevan have formed a team and have a very dominating position in the Bigg Boss house and the credit goes to their celebrity background.

The three of the contestants were in the perception that they have complete control and support of the people and they will stay in the house whatsoever happens. But, their confidence dropped when Ganja Karuppu got the least number of votes in his favor. Three of the members Karuppa, Oriya and Bharani got nominated for the elimination round the last week. Everybody firstly thought that Oriya will be eliminated but thanks to her early morning dance moves in the house and her budding romance Aarar, and then it was a tie between Karuppa and Bharani.

Although the housemates were very confident that Bharani will be sent out this in this week’s convictions. Karuppu became the second contestant to be evicted. Just before the host of the show Kamal Haasan announced the news, Snehan, Gayathri and shakti were seen discussing to make Ganja as the next House Captain and to teach lessons to Raiza, Oviya and Juliana by assigning them the kitchen duties.

In the second week of the show, the contestants were seen spending most of the time at the school in the house with Snehan playing the role of a teacher and giving them lessons in Tamil language. The school task came in the backdrop of the warning from the Bigg Boss and the warning came for the contestants Namitha, Raiza and Gayathri for speaking mostly in the English in the house that is not allowed.

At the end Juliana was the one who managed to stay in the spotlight last week as well. Harathi Ganesh and Gayathri made no comments on Juliana’s presence in the house. Stay connected with us for rest of the updates regarding the shows.

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