Bigg Boss Episode 4 Update; Shilpa is hated by everyone as the house becomes mired in fights

Bigg Boss Episode 4 Update; Shilpa is hated by everyone as the house becomes mired in fights
Written by Abhishek Rana

Shilpa Shinde seems to be getting a lot of hate in the house, as everyone, including Hina Khan is upset with her about many things, like instigating fights, troubling others, being arrogant and selfish. The housemates, last night, decided to ignore her, but that strategy didn’t work because she kept making up things that’d lead people to argue with her.

She couldn’t even complete the task given to her, of finding out the name of the animal by touching it while being blindfolded, and was seen laughing senselessly with Arshi Khan, another member who has become very unpopular in the house because of her penchant for creating trouble and being verbally abusive. She has become a very difficult person to talk with because of her abrasive personality and is the least likable person in the house.

Apart from the fights, this week’s task concluded with three tasks. One in which while being blindfolded, Hina had to look for and catch Chickens while Puneesh and two other house guests told her the directions and another task mentioned above, of trying to know the identity of the animal by feeling them by hands. Another task involved trying to make a parrot say a phrase, that was inevitably a failure because of the short period of time that was given to teach the parrot to speak the words.

Shivani Durga also had some emotional moments because she was afraid that audience and the house guests would make her out to be some kind of tantrik, which she isn’t. Over at the other side, the Padosis’ were seen making a chart to perfect the cover story under whose pretense they will be entering the house.

Upcoming-Today, there will be more fights and decisions that are made in the house.

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