Bigg Boss 11 Episode 5 Update, 6th October 2017: Shipla, Aakash and Zubair go to Kaal Kothari

Bigg Boss 11 Episode 5 Update, 6th October 2017: Shipla, Aakash and Zubair go to Kaal Kothari
Written by Abhishek Rana

In Bigg Boss, contestants should expect the unexpected, and even with all the fights and the scheming, Bigg Boss always manages to keep them on their toes, making plot twists so that no one is able to predict what will happen next. So, when Bigg Boss announced that he’ll be opening the Kaal Kothari, and that the Gharwalas will have to decide and vote for three persons to go inside, everyone was shocked, even though they’d seen the Kothari when they first came to the house.

And so, when the Gharwalas were woken up in the night and told to vote for three people, they voted for Arshi, Shilpa and Aakash, but it wasn’t until another twist that they realized that this decision wasn’t only their’s to make and the Padosis will have the power to save someone from going to the Kothari. After little discussion, they decided to save Arshi and then nominate Zubair, which led Hina Khan to have an angry meltdown.

The night hadn’t wasn’t even complete yet, when, in the Kaal Kothari, Shilpa decided to run away and look out for Vikas in the house, and succeeded in her task by asking Aakash for help. She went into the house, but didn’t do anything dramatic, but it was still a violation of the rules, which is sure to have its backlash when Salman meets the contestants for the first elimination of the house.

Upcoming: This has been one of the most fraught week of any Bigg Boss season, with already cemented rivalries making even more headlines this time, and it’ll be interesting to see what happens when Salman hosts tonight and does something he hasn’t done yet on the show, which’ll shake the house, the Gharwalas and the Padosis again.

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