Bigg Boss 11: Contestants revealed with partial-face introduction

Bigg Boss 11: Contestants revealed with partial-face introduction
Written by Priyanka sarangi

Bigg Boss 11 is a show which had many speculations in the past and is still in the headlines for the surprises that the makers of the show are giving to the audience. Bigg Boss have been the most liked show by the audience since the last ten years. A few days ago the makers of the show revealed the first contestant of the show on the Twitter handle of Bigg Boss where a woman with her face covered was shown initially and then it was rumored that she is a Muslim model from England and her name is Halima Matlub. Then the second contestant was revealed with the similar concepts where the contestants face was covered.

To tickle the curiosity of the audience, the makers of the show are keeping their audience updated with the promos, posters and partial-face introduction to the contestants. There have been many revelations about the contestants with the posters like in one poster a girl is shown singing a song, then in the next poster a boy is shown singing song who is termed as the Padosi wala song, then a poster of a man with suit who is buttoning his court has been shown the audience have been asked to guess the name of the contestant. Then a hand with a bluestone ring have been she shared to guess the right name of the person behind. There have been many updates like this and it has also been confirmed that the show will commence from October 1st, 2017 with the host Salman Khan.


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