Anando Brahma movie review: A horrifying comedy about horror (3/5)

Anando Brahma movie review: A horrifying comedy about horror (3/5)

Anando Brahma is an upcoming Telugu film starring Taapsee Pannu. Anando Brahma is a horror comedy, which falls flat on the face because of directors sensibilities about both horror and comedy. It is just another package of a film ruined further by Telugu sensibilities. Baahubali got everything right but one, it forgot to tell us that unlike rest of the world Telugu film industry has not learnt a thing from their own film. Film has done everything to destroy itself into pieces. Usually a film is shot in bits and then put together to a final product, Anando Brahma did the opposite. Story of the film is about a comically dysfunctional family in the house which is haunted by a ghost and then apparently the comedy happens.

Any given script in the world has a start, middle and end but Anando Brahma is an exception here as well, it does not have a script. Taapsee Pannu has just done a Hindi film Naam Shabana and a lot of actors say that they need to do certain bad films also to value good ones, hence this film. It must be schizophrenic for Pannu to deal with 2 completely different sensibilities but she does it without a care because she knows not one sensible person is going to watch Anando Brahma. Srinivas Reddy tried to follow up his regular comedy routine but this script even failed him.

Direction of Mahi V.Raghav is explicitly uncommon because he did not take the pain to direct this film. Cinematography, editing and music have nothing special in them to be even mentioned, this film is just regular cancer biting the very core of cinema. Anando Brahma will be difficult to tolerate even if one is not going to watch it, re-watch VIP 2.

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