Aksar 2 movie second trailer to be released tomorrow

Aksar 2 movie second trailer to be released tomorrow

Aksar, an erotic thriller starring Zareen Khan, Gautum Rode and Abhinav Shukla. The movie is about a woman who gets a job and is roped in a ploy of murder and deceit. The movie was scheduled to be released in October, but was pushed back due to competition and now will be releasing on 17 November. A new trailer for the movie is going to drop tomorrow. The previously released trailer gave a sneak peek of the same kind of sex and murder that we have come to expect from the movies like this, but there were few points that seemed to be very intriguing.

The trailer was very well recieved and it seems that the movie is going to be hit and could be another also be seen as a way to get Zareen to star in more movie. This will be a grand new debut of the television actor Gautam Rode, who is famous for his television roles but has acquired the role of heartthrob from some years.

There isn’t much known about the plot of the movie, and maybe the new trailer is going to give us some other, yet unseen aspect of it, or it could be more of the same. Check back tomorrow for the trailer.

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